Distribution covers three aspects but the are interrelated. First you want to publish your movies one way or the other through DVDs/BDs or using a social platform in the Internet. Secondly, if you have an own website, you might wish to embed the movies and last but not least, you want to promote your website for optimum visitor numbers. We cover all three aspects.

DVDs and BlueRay Disks can easily be produced by using Adobe Encore. For HD movies (1080p) we usually use 25 GB BD disks that can be played on a regular Blue Ray Disk player. DVDs and BDs are not just data disks. Their content is "authored". That means it contains menus, possibilities for subtitles, pop-up windows, links and more. Newer Players however are aso capable to read data DVDs or data BDs. 

The most common distribution channel are social medias like YouTube, Vimeo, Facbook etc. But sometimes their servers are overloaded and the streaming happens with annoying breaks. This can be avoided by using faster media streaming servers that run in combination with your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another concern and a must for every website. Special web coding, taging and submitting help to achieve a much better rating with major search engines and finally get more hits.To control your success you need reliable statistical readings. Those can easily be acquired by using adequate utility modules.

We do all above actions for you or teach you how to do it.