Our video section offers the whole etiting workflow from using existing movies, cutting and arranging them, adding titles and special effects and take care of a decent sound track. We also do extensive post production work such as repairs, color correction, shot stabilizing (when you didn't use a tripod), noise reduction, and special effects. We use Adobe creative suite CS6 with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photo Shop, Audition and Encore.

Using your own footage and digital media, we use our expertise to professionally bring your stories to life. We edit music videos, wedding shots, personal stories, commercials, and website presentations. For social networks, we can make you look great by adding stunning special effects and color enhancements. We prepare and upload home movies to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and other platforms. Or we offer streaming servers that are much faster as the known social media. Every edit is personal, and every story is created for you. Watch on DVD or online, the final product is a short movie that you'll enjoy to watch over and over again. Just send us your video tapes, pictures, and digital media and we do the rest.

And the good news are that also in this section we offer full tutoring services, help that is usually not easy to find. We teach you step by step how to video editi, creating special effects, cleaning up noise and add a beautiful sounttrack to your footages. We also teach you how to distrubute your movies either by creating DVDs/ BDs or uploading them to the Internet.

Videos are more than just movies. They are life and catch attention. We live in a media oriented world. It's time to start with your movie!