For all the rendition of services the following guidelines apply:

Restriction of Performance

Web Movie Creation will not involve in any activities and topics such as:

  • Illegal tasks
  • Copyright violations 
  • Adult content or pornography
  • psychiatric medication
  • drugs of any kind
  • sexual stimulants 
  • weapons and violence
  • groups that violate basic human rights

Compensation of Labor and Payments

All labor will be charged on an hourly rate of US$ 40.00, in increments of 1/10 hour. A deatailed worksheet with in-depth data will be kept for every job assignment. For more complex projects a prior cost estimate will be given. Payments have to be done on instant basis or in advance. Accepted payments are cash, local checks, PayPal or Credit Cards via PayPal (Visa, Master, AMEX, Discover).